MindQuest 21
Creativity & Learning in the 21st Century
Coaching a MindQuest21 Team can be a fascinating but also at times challenging task.  The important thing to remember is you don't have to be an expert.  You are simply a guide learning right alongside the students.  Typically you will find that they may master a skill or technology quite easily and could be teaching you at the end of the Quest.  That is OK.  In fact, that is what we want.  There are tons of resources for both you and the students including How To Tutorials on YouTube for just about anything you could imagine.

A great benefit to coaching one of the teams is how much you will learn about these 21st century skills and tools.  This is knowledge you can use in your business or educational teaching. I know they had a profound impact on my own learning about seven years ago utilizing a Personal Learning Network. 

Quest Resources

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